Lumber Wizard – Woodworking Metal Detector

The Lumber Wizard is a woodworking metal detector specialized in finding metal in wood.

The importance of detecting metal in wood

Taking out leftover pieces of metal (nails and screws generally) out of your wood before processing is very important. This applies especially to pallet wood, which tends to any number of leftover pieces of nails in it. But also lumber you buy from your lumber yard many times has staples in it. If it’s only a single leg of a staple, it can be pretty hard to find it on eye sight. And it’s such a shame to destroy your planer knife because of a single staple leg.

How good is the Lumber Wizard?

To emphasize the efficacy of the Lumber Wizard: Multiple reviews by different people state that that they found a single leg of a staple in their lumber, and also a piece of metal buried 1/2″ deep in the wood.

My advise

Plain and simple: Buy a woodworking metal detector. If you can afford it, buy the Lumber Wizard. It’s a great tool to have in your shop before processing more-or-less raw wood.

If you buy new knives for your planer on a regular basis because you hit a nail, then buy this tool. It’s going to save you money soon!

Me personally, I still don’t own this metal detector, which I regret, because I’ve already lost one saw blade, but as soon as I save up 150 USD, I’m surely going to buy it!

Where to buy?

On Amazon of course!

==> Buy the Lumber Wizard woodworking metal detector HERE.