Valentine’s Candle Heart

Sorry for posting this AFTER Valentine’s day, but I couldn’t let my wife see this before 😉


What I did was fairly simple:

I took two pieces of pallet wood and glued them together.

It would have been nice to have a planer or a jointer, but I don’t so I used my too small, too blunt hand planer and tried to plane the sides.

I failed miserably, so I just gave up planing and I glued the pieces together with two dowels. The opening between the two parts I call the ‘rustic look’ 😉

This is what I started out with. Note the super planer I have there hahaha
These two pieces I glued together
glued, clamped, and with the heart shape drawn onto it


In the end the joint held, so I guess the glue and dowels did their job just fine.

Then I drew a heart shape out with a pencil, as you can see in the picture above, and cut with a jig saw along the edge.

Now I had a heart shaped (roughly) block of wood.


Then I sawed a circle in the top, the size of a tea candle. Well, a little bit bigger, or course.

After sawing the circle, I used my router to cut out the wood in the middle of the circle.


Then I found a pretty long bolt with a pretty big washer and a nut, and fixed the heart shaped block to my workmate.


Then I used my angle grinder with a sanding attachment to create the rough shape of the heart.
The angle grinder with 40 grit sand paper works like a charm to sand off excess wood. It feels almost like your sculpting a piece.

As soon as I had the shape down, I took out my mouse sander tool, and finished up the shape. First 60 grit, then 120 grit.


Finally I used 240 sand paper to get a smooth finish on the wood.


As soon as I had the heart shaped the way I wanted it and smoothed out, I took a pencil and drew a few lines.

Then I took out my soldering iron, which happens to have a very pointy point (at some point in the past I needed a small point to solder inside my old Xbox 🙂 ) and I traced over the drawn lines.

Here is the result:

14 2 18 BCW

Here you can clearly see the rounded shape on the edge


My wife LOVED this gift 🙂

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