Photo Frame / Cable

This was really simple!

I took a pallet board ; sanded it down to clean wood and left the holes in.

I sanded using 60g, 80g and 120g.

The 60g got rid of the worn pallet look.

The 80g got rid of the traces left by the 60g.

The 120g made the wood pretty smooth.


Then I drilled two holes at the extremes.

I those holes I put hooks, and between the hooks I pulled a cable tight.


Then along the top side, I screwed in two more hooks, and attached another cable, this time not tight.


See the pictures for what I mean. This was really simple, but it looks nice (I think).

My camera is absolutely 1980’s quality, but the idea gets across.

I wanted to use those really small pegs, but couldn’t find them, so for now I use the normal ones.
🙂 somebody managed to get a hand in the picture
this is what I treated the wood with. Just to get rid of the complete dryness of the wood, which I don’t like too much.
unstained vs. stained
a detail
another detail
no need for a bolt on the bottom because this sits plenty tight enough as it is
on the top I didn’t need the bolts either, but I liked the look better 🙂 (yes I know, this caption doesn’t fit with this photo lol)
yet another detail
details details…
The finished product… only my camera lens wasn’t too clean…