Very simple planter

This is a very simple planter that I made to replace an even simpler one that I made in 30 minutes. This one took a few hours.

I don’t have any pictures of the old planter because it’s just too ugly 😉

What I did for this one was:

  • The legs
    • find 4 pallet boards of equal length
      • cut them halfway, so I get 8 pieces.
    • find a piece of 2×2 that I had laying around. Otherwise I could use one of the supporting beams of a pallet, cut lengthwise to make a 2×2.
      • cut that in 4 pieces
      • make sure that above these blocks there is sufficient space to fix 3 boards.
      • Use screws to fix the leg boards to the 2x2s. Well, actually I used nails, which also worked fine 🙂
      • I forgot to make 2 of them mirrored, but I didn’t really care 🙂 so I left them like that.
    • Now you have 4 legs.
  • The long sides
    • find 6 pallet boards of equal length
    • fix them to the legs. I used screws from the inside out.
  • The short sides
    • find 3 pallet boards of equal length
    • cut them halfway through
    • fix them to the long sides, trying to square the box up.
    • Now you have a planter without a bottom. Not really useful yet.
  • The bottom
      • support for the boards


      • I found an old piece of a 1×2, but just as well I could have used a pallet board, cut lengthwise.
      • I cut two pieces off the 1×2 so that they fit snugly on the short sides of the planter.
        • These I fixed with 3 screws.
      • along the long sides I also fixed some pieces of 1×2
      • in the middle along the long side, I fixed a piece of 1×2 to cross from one side to the other. This will support the boards in the middle so they won’t sag through.
    • the boards
      • I found some boards that I cut to the correct length. One of them I had to cut lengthwise to fit. That was a coñazo without a table saw, but I managed with my tenon saw. No, it wasn’t a clean cut, but noone will see as it will be covered by dirt pretty soon.

And that was it.

All that’s left is some finish. I still have some Thompson Water Seal, so I’ll used that. Then some plastic on the inside, and then fill with soil.

Oh wait.. what’s the fun in this if there aren’t any pictures?!


These are the tools I used. There was also a hammer, some nails, and a bit of sanding paper (only for the legs)
This is the finished planter. The little piece of wood on the inside I put there because the boards were bending through too much there.
Different angle
Another angle
The inside. The boards fit snugly, so I didn’t even bother to nail them to their supports. Also the planter was square and quite sturdy as it was.
The underside

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