Restoring a Garden Bench

Restoring a Garden Bench

Once there was a garden bench all new and beautiful. The sides were made from cast iron and were all curly and nice. The seat and back rest were made from wood. Solid and strong. Unfortunately there are no pictures to prove this.

Fast forward to today.

The garden bench’s seat and back are disintegrated and taken off. Nobody can tell where they are now. Suffice it to say, they were beyond repair. The cast iron sides are still around though, with pictures to prove it 🙂

The paint is not at its best, so that has to be re-painted.


First the old paint has to be cleaned off. Here is the tool for the job.

And then we paint it black (no pictures, but a link to the Rolling Stones. Opens in a new tab.)








Pallet wood!


Plane it!
make it all the correct size, and recess the holes for the round head screws
Stain it!
Stained it!

Tomorrow follows a picture of the end product.


Here’s a quick video halfway through the process:



These are the sides painted:

And here I present to you …. drums …. The finishe

d bench:

I think it turned out great!

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