How to make a christmas tree from pallet wood

As I’m writing this post, it’s the holiday season. And since I live in the Caribbean, I don’t get to have real Christmas trees in my lawn, so what other options do I have than to make them myself?

I had some pallets laying around in my back yard, so it was time to do something creative with these old pallets.

This project is REALLY SIMPLE, given that you have a pallet like mine.

Here is the step by step guide:

Step 1: Choose your pallet.

Choose wisely and save yourself quite some time. I was lucky because I had just the right pallet laying around. It’s one of those pallets that have blocks. This means that the top board will be nailed on top of three cross boards, which are in turn nailed on the blocks.

Here is a picture of mine:

Step 2: remove the bottom board.

We remove this board because the tree needs to have a stem at the bottom. Also, this will make it that much easier to create a stand. And “easy” really is a keyword for this project. In the picture above, the bottom board is already removed.

Step 3: Draw lines.

Draw lines from the top-middle to the bottom right, just inside of the outermost cross boards. See the following picture:

Step 4: Cut along the lines

I used a circular saw, but you can use a handsaw as well. The cut doesn’t have to be nice.

Take care with the topmost board that you’re going to cut. Since you’re cutting that one right where it’s attached to the cross board, and the block, there will be nails there. Make sure you don’t cut through the nails, or you get this:

And that is not good for your saw blade. Not good at all 🙁

Step 5: detach the blocks

Now that the shape of the tree is cut out, you have to remove the blocks under the center cross board. I used earplugs, a crow bar and a hammer. Took me less than ten minutes. In that same time I think I took out about ten mosquitoes as well with my electric mosquito racket.

Step 6: make a stand

The stand I made from one of the blocks, and I just nailed four pieces of board to it.

Step 7: nail the tree to the stand

When the stand was ready, I use my 5 year old support helper to keep the tree up right, and nailed to tree to the stand. Once I had one little nail in, and praised my helper, I laid the tree down and yanked in a few longer nails to make it nice and sturdy.

Step 8: paint

some things came up and I could paint the tree yet. Hopefully one of these nights I will have a chance to finish what I started. But so far so good. I’m really happy with the result so far. Especially since it was such a quick job.

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