Simple Pallet Wood Step Stool

Simple Pallet Wood Step Stool

This is one of those small things that just look nice. If done correctly. I will show you my way of making this. I have a few of them around the house. They bring some relief into your garden, as opposed to having all your pots standing on the floor.

Here’s a before and after <picture before=all pots on the floor, after=with stools>.

Of course you can use them as step stools as well 😉

This step stool is really simple to make, so let’s get started!

Materials needed

  • materials
    • 1 pallet
    • screws
    • paint or colored water seal
  • tools
    • saw
    • sand paper
    • drill
    • screwdriver

Step by Step Instructions

1) step 1

2) step 2


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