Simple Laundry Basket Rack

Here’s another project, although not made by myself, but by my brother: a Simple Laundry Basket Rack.


So a friend of my brother’s had three laundry baskets laying around, and they took up too much space and needed to get their own space, preferably stacked on top of each other.

So here came the idea of using the rest of the pallet wood that was used for the Garden Bench.

This is actually quite a simple little project that can be done with simple tools.


I’ll keep the text to a minimum because pictures say more than a thousand words, some say.

Tools used


We found this drawing on the internet. I’d have to look up the link somewhere. If you’re interested, please drop a comment below.


Almost ready! Only the top has to go on still.


The sturdyness of the rack is pretty good. Especially the back is sturdy. The front, since it’s open, can skew a bit, but that is to be expected, but well within acceptability limits 🙂

Front view, side view, rear view, and top view:

On site, with the baskets in



Painting or staining will be done by the -very happy- new owner of the rack. If we receive any photo’s of the end result, we’ll surely post them here!

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