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Useful Information:

Every Pallet Project consists of four different phases. Let dive right in and look at all of them!

Finding PalletsDepending on where you live, finding pallets can be pretty challenging. In other cases it's really easy.Some tips can be found on this page: Finding Pallets (to be written still)
Dismantling PalletsSo you found your pallets and brought them home. Now what is needed for most projects is to take them apart.

This is probably the most written about phase when it comes to pallet projects.

Depending on your arsenal of tools, this phase is going to be needing more or less elbow grease.
Our article on pallet busting can be found HERE.

Recommended tools for this phase are
- a circular saw (if you're going to cut off the ends of the boards)
- a pallet buster (or if you don't have one, you can use a 2x4 or a hammer and pry bar.
- a punch nailer (or if you don't own one, a hammer and some pliers.
Choosing the finish / Preparing the woodThis all depends on your personal preference.
Many options are available among which:
- leaving it raw
- light sanding
- staining
- burning
- painting
For now, refer to THIS article I wrote about preparing your pallet wood.
The project itselfIf in the above we couldn't say enough, then here we can fill many pages of text.
Our Facebook Group has a great number of enthusiastic pallet project makers who post their creations regularly on the group. It's really amazing to see so much creativity, and it's a great source of inspiration!

Also here on this site are a few pallet projects to be found. See the menu for that.

Please leave a comment if you need more information on a certain subject and we’ll make sure that that subject gets covered first.



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