New stack of pallets came in today

This afternoon we spent at the beach with some friends, which was really nice! To top it off, we got a coffee and ice cream at our local ice cream shop.

While we were on the beach we got a message from a friend that he had some 10 pallets to deliver to our house. Of course I got totally excited because my biggest hobby is busting pallets 😉 However, I had to wait on the beach and get coffee and I had to endure ice cream because no one wanted to check out my new pallets.

What is that anyway, such a lack of pallet enthusiasm. Anyway, I sat it out. I had my awfully good cappuccino, and dark chocolate ice cream. A real test for my patience 🙂

Then I got home to find 12 pallets sitting at the entrance to my terrain. So I got to it and carried them to the back where my designated pallet busting spot is. Tomorrow I hope I can find time and shade to generate some lumber for my picket fence.

Shade? You ask me? Yes… I got 4th degree sun burns on the beach. Nothing that will stop me in acting on those pallets though 🙂

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